In addition to our rigorous research agenda, PHRU provides needed HIV prevention, treatment and care services to the residents of Soweto and Johannesburg. PHRU provides these services through a series of dedicated service programmes that support and compliment our ongoing research.

Services include:

Voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) is a process to determine the HIV status privately and confidentially, with the informed consent of the client. The process starts with pre-test counselling to inform and prepare the client for testing. Afterwards, a rapid test for HIV is usually performed which takes only a few minutes. Afterward, clients spend additional time with a counsellor, what is referred to as post-test counselling. PHRU counsellors also help clients with issues of disclosure and stigma.

VCT is an important entry point to all HIV/AIDS treatment programmes and the ongoing counselling and support that is required for treatment.

Once a person is identified as HIV-positive, they may require care for several years before needing antiretroviral therapy. There are a number of interventions that benefit HIV-positive people and, through our service programmes, PHRU is able to offer a comprehensive package of care and services based on these interventions. To reduce the burden on clients, PHRU also encourages families to be treated at the same facility and thus offers a range of services for infants, children, adolescents and adults. Learn more about our services:


Khula Ndoda Circumcision Clinic

Pediatric Wellness Clinic

ZAZI Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre