Please see below a list of the 2012 Publications


Anticipated changes in sexual risk behaviour following vaccination with a low-efficacy HIV vaccine

Assessment of service availability and health care workers opinion about young womens sexual reproductive health in Soweto

A qualitative study of obstacles to diaphragm and condom use

Causes of death on antiretroviral therapy - a post-mortem study from South Africa

Community-based targeted case findings for Tuberculosisand HIV in household contacts of patients with Tuberculosis in South Africa

Conversations with mothers - exploring reasons exploring reasons for prevention of mother-to-child transmission

Designing family-centred male circumcision services - a conjoint analysis approach

Determinants of per coital-act HIV 1infectivity among African HIV-1 serodiscordant couples

Does early initiation of ART in infants

Early antiretroviral therapy improves neurodevelopmental outcomes in infants

Eliminating paediatric infections and keeping mothers alive

Elite controllers - Understanding natural suppressive control of HIV-1 infection

Health Diplomacy and adapting global health interventions to local needs - findings from project ACCEPT HPTN043

Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected S.A Adults

High Level of Agreement between clinician -collected and self-collected samples for HPV detection among South African Adolescents

High prevalence of drug resistance amongst HIV-exposed and infected children on a tuberculosis prevention trial

HIV and the urban homeless in Johannesburg

HIV Vaccine trial safety and retention

Increased Differentiation associates with decreased polyfuctinality for HIV - G De Bruyn

Increased regression and decreased incidence of HPV-related cervical lesions among HIV-infected women on HAART

Key Issues in the clinical development and implemantation of TB vaccines in S A

Maternal antiretroviral prophylaxis and breastfeeding

Mortality in members of HIV-1 serodiscordant couples in Africa and implications for antiretroviral therapy initiation

Nevirapine- versus Lopinavir-Ritonavir-based initial therapy for HIV-1 infection among women in Africa

Nevirapine versus ritonavir -boosted lopinavir for HIV-Infected children

Pilot study on the immunogenicity of paired Env immunogens from mother-tochild transmitted HIV-1 isolates

Preexposure prophlaxis for HIV prevention

Pregnancy incidence and Correlates during the HVTN 503 Phambili HIV vaccine trial conducted among South African women

Prevelance and associations with Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Infection among HIV infected adults in SA

Quantifying ongoing HIV-1 exposure in HIV-1-serodiscordant couples to identify individuals with potential host resistance to HIV-1

Screen failure in Phase 1 HIV clinical trials in Soweto S.A an opportunity for care - F Laher

Sexual risk behaviors among HIV-infected South African Men and women with their partners in a primary care program

Short course Combivir after single-dose nevirapine reduces nut does not eliminate the emergence of nevirapine resistance in women

South African HIV-1 vaccine candidates the journey from the bench to clinical trials

Specificity of four laboratory approaches for cross-sectional HIV incidence determination

Stretching delivery of HIV health Services

The medical proof does not get much better than VMMC

Three Postpartum Anteretoviral regimens to prevent intrapartum HIV-infection