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A qualitative analysis of factors influencing HPV vaccine uptake in Soweto

A viable sample and self-sampling method

Cautious optimism for HIV vaccine science

Concordant oral-genital HPV infection in South African couples

Conference Proceedings

Cost-effectiveness of HIV Treatment

Costs of inpatient treatment for multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa

Daily acyclovir to decrease Herpes Simplex virus type 2

Does participation in an HIV vaccine efficacy trial affect

Does routine prophylactic oral flucloxacillin reduce

Early-time limited antiretroviral therapy

Effect of in-utero HIV exposure and antiretroviral

Efficacy and immunogenicity of influenza vaccine

Estimation of HIV incidence in a large community-based randomized clinical trial

Factors associated with not testing for HIV

High prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis

HIV testing and counselling leads to immediate consistent condom use

Identification and characterization of vaginal lactobacilli from

Immunogenicity following the first and second doses

KIR2DS4 allelic variants

Lamivudine monotherapy as a holding stratergy

Loss to follow-up among infants in a study of isoniazid prophylaxis

Mobile VCT - Reaching men and young people

Mortality associated with delays between clinic entry and ART

Multiple levels of influence in predicting sexual activity and condom use

Not credited - association of Pol diversity

Oral and injectable contraceptives use

Partner characteristics predicting HIV-1 set point in sexually acquired HIV-1

Poor early virologic perfomance and durability of

Predictors of delay in the diagnosis and treatment of

Prevalence of Tobacco smoking in adults

Promoting safe infant feeding practices

Proof of peer review - Women Motherhood and Living

Rates and Cost and frequency of hospitalisation before and after ART initiation in SA

Requesting for proof of peer review process

Request for proof of peer review process

After fi rst-line ART: towards an evidence-based SECOND-LINE

Ritonavir-boosted lopinavir plus nucleoside or nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors versus ritonavir-boosted lopinavir plus raltegravir for treatment of HIV-1 infection in adults with virological failure of a standard fi rst-line ART regimen (SECOND-LINE): a randomised, open-label, non-inferiority study

The clinical and economic impact of genotype testing at first-line antiretroviral therapy failure for HIV-infected patients

Undisclosed antiretroviral drug use in a multinational clinical trial

Violari A - Association for pol Diversity

Whoonga and the Abuse and Diversion of Antiretrovirals in Soweto, South Africa