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Adolescent experiences of HIV

Adolescent experiences of HIV and sexual health communication with parents and caregivers in Soweto

Adolescent friendly technologies as potential adjuncts for health promotion

Assessing cost and technical efficiency of HIV prevention interventions in sub Saharan Africa

A comparative assessment of price brand

A Review of the study designs

CD4 and viral load dynamics in antiretroviral-naive HIV-infected adults from Soweto

CD4 Counts and viral loads of newly diagnosed HIV-infected individuals - implications for treatment as prevention

Correlates of sexual risk among sexual minority and heterosexual South African youth

Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis and Tuberculosis risk

Early severe HIV disease precedes early antiretroviral therapy in infants - Are we too late

Effect of community-based voluntary counselling and testing on HIV incidence and social and behavioural outcomes

Effect of HIV 1 exposure and antiretroviral

Enhanced and persistent antibody response against homologous and heterologous strains

Experiences of HIV-positive adolescents and young adults in care in Soweto South Africa

Factors associated with mortality in HIV-infected people

Frequent genital HSV-2 shedding among women during labor in Soweto

Global evidence reaffirms the case for routine HPV and potential HIV adolescent vaccination in South Africa

Implementation of isoniazid preventive therapy for HIV-infected adults - overstatement

Incidence of TB and HIV in prospectively

The association between the ratio of monocytes

The effect of topical calcipotriol or zinc on tuberculin skin tests in hospitalised South African children

The HVTN503-Phambili HIV vaccine trial - A comparison for younger and older participants

Toll-like receptor polymorphism associations with HIV-1 outcomes among sub-Saharan Africans

Understanding treatment refusal among adults presenting for hig-testing in Soweto South Africa A qualitative study

Unreported antiretroviral use by HIV-1 infected participants enrolling in a prospective research study

Uptake of genital mucosal sampling in HVTN 097 a phase 1b hiv vaccine trial in South Africa

Variants in host viral replication cycle genes are associated with heterosexual HIV-1 acquisition in Africans

Woonga and the abuse and diversion of antiretroviral in Soweto