As part of its research agenda, PHRU conducts innovative social science, behavioural and economic research. Over the years, this research has informed many of PHRU interventions. This diverse area of research has included such varied past and current topics as:

  • Masculinity and men’s sexual behaviour
  • Adolescents’ attitudes and perceptions
  • Living with and dying of AIDS
  • HIV and traditional medicine
  • Health and economic impact
  • Adherence to antiretroviral treatment
  • HIV/AIDS and the media
  • Male perspectives on relationships and sexual engagement
  • Men who have sex with men (MSM)

Sexual risk behaviours for HIV transmission among men who have sex with men have not been well described. Since the majority of infections occur via heterosexual intercourse in Africa, HIV prevention and testing needs of MSM have, to date, received little attention.

Projects focused around living with HIV and dying of AIDS aim to gain a greater understanding of the emotions of people infected and affected with HIV, what support structures within the household and community exist and the various meanings of death in the context of the socio-cultural background in Soweto.

Studies focused around HIV/AIDS and the media have brought together the expertise of HIV/AIDS researchers and journalists to investigate aspects of HIV coverage in the media.

Behavioural research among adolescents has provided important, evidence-based advances in service provision for this population and an entry point to engaging adolescents in the research process. Learn more about our research among adolescents.


Clinical Trials and Research

Learn more about our ongoing clinical trials and research studies.

Learn more about Project Accept.


Health Information

Based on important research into adherence, the Adherence Networking Group produced adherence resource packs and training guides with important resources to assist those involved in the planning, provision and support of ART interventions in children and adults. Visit our Publications & Health Information section to download adherence materials including the Adherence Resource Pack, the Kids Count: The Children’s ART Adherence Resource Pack and the Children’s ART Adherence Training Guide.