“Just by being here we are raising the standard of the general level of service that is provided…Hopefully our research findings will change practice but also, while we’re doing the research, we’re having a positive impact.”

- Dr. Neil Martinson,
Chief Executive Director

Neil Martinson, MBBCh, DCH, MFGP, MPH
Chief Executive Director

Dr. Martinson is the Chief Executive Director at the Perinatal Research Unit and is an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University Centre for TB Research. After obtaining an MPH from Johns Hopkins under the mentorship of Dr. RE Chaisson via a Fogarty TB grant, he started work at the PHRU managing a large randomised trial of preventative treatment against TB. His current major research interests are the prevention and diagnosis of TB in contacts of TB cases. He manages three PEPFAR projects: a programme of contact tracing for TB, a mass male circumcision programme, and a HIV clinic in downtown Johannesburg. Prior to embarking on a career in research, Dr. Martinson managed a large health district comprising the eastern communities of Johannesburg where he implemented the TB control programme in 13 primary care clinics staffed by nurses.